Snitt is a bottle specifically designed for its refreshing content – a mixture of grapefruit juice and tonic water. The distinct taste was to be communicated through the shape of the bottle. The upper section is slightly tilted to create a shape that changes when it is seen from different angles, and also to signify the edgy taste. The front is cut to get a flat area suited for labeling. This also makes another possible exposition of the bottle, resting gently on the ground. The tactile surface ensures a good grip, and makes the bottle recognizable. The imitation of a citrus fruit also makes a striking play with lights and shadows.


By using Catia as our CAD program we could quickly sketch up our shapes and ideas three-dimensional along with sketching on paper.

Simultaneously using sketching on paper and CAD, we also converted the models to STL witch allowed us to print out STL RP mock-up models to really get the feeling of how the shape ergonomics and tactility was. To be able to work with CAD sketching, paper-sketching and physical 3D models is very valuable during the design phase.


Moulding1PET Injection Blow Molding enables a wide array of different forms, but also have important limitations that must be abided. Mainly, the shape must have draft angles and no undercut allowing the mold parts to separate freely. Sharp edges are tough to achieve, especially around the center part of the bottle due to lower pressure against the mold walls. The top and bottom must also be relatively symmetrical. The finished model is made from 3D printed Epoxy resin. The model is split in half and carefully polished on the in- and outside and glued back together, complete with label. The result is a bottle indistinguishable from a mass produced PET bottle.



This project was done in collaboration with: Guri Venstad, Christina Iversen