Buddy One

Working with the Norwegian electric vehicle company Buddy, I wanted to explore new market segments for them to  compete in, against the more and more competitive electric vehicle market. There are many big unsolved problems considering mobility in modern big cites today. Statistics say that 9 of 10 drive their car solo when entering cities, that obviously leads to a big problem.

The concept was to develop a electric rental vehicle for inner city use, with the focus on easy inner city commuting. The rental car is be similar to the already successful rental city bikes which is found in a lot of big cities. The advantages of a city rental car compared to the bike is its longer range, all year and weather independent, mobility and the comfort and travel experience of a vehicle.

Long Rental

The standing position in the vehicle will open for a new and revolutionary way of traveling in inner city. In the vehicle you will experience the travel very different from other vehicles. When driving you will be at the same height as other pedestrians, which would give you a better overview of the traffic around you. The rental system for Buddy One is located on the back door of the car, and is much like you find on today’s city bikes. You pay for a  monthly or yearly subscription, get your rental card, and then you can start using the service. The screen on the back will also give you the information about ramaining battery power, what number of car you chose, and where your location is.